The Issues?   

1. Climate change is impacting our planet. Teachers are in optimum position to inform students and communities on how these changes effect natural resources, such as fresh water, and the future of the planet.

2. Our society needs to support good teachers. A large percentage of teachers quit the profession during their first five years of teaching, a “burn out” rate wasting personal investments in career training and costing taxpayers millions. 

How to Help?

The EduKudos goal is to reward teachers with the gift of renewal at ecoRetreats in cool mountain air. The idea of gifting teachers is based on the successful prototype advancing education for years in North Carolina at The North Carolina Center for Advancement of Teaching,


By inspiring excellence in their teachers. The North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching is a professional development center providing dynamic study and advanced learning opportunities for North Carolina teachers. NCCAT’s instructional programs increase teacher quality, effectiveness, and innovation in the classroom, while inspiring teachers to provide a world-class education for the students of North Carolina.

Since NCCAT's inception in 1983 in the mountains of North Carolina, the state has moved into the top four on most education lists and number one in the nation for number of national board certified teachers. North Carolina has also been in the top ten for SAT participation/scores. A second campus has been established as the Ocracoke Island Campus of The North Carolina Center for Advancement of Teaching.