Only 20 days until first guest educators arrive!

Here is update letter sent yesterday to EduKudos Awardees:


"Woo-hoo!  Three weeks from today you will be arriving at Casa Veranda for your EduKudos getaway in the mountains!

Our rain which Hurricane Bud had promised over the weekend did NOT materialize, a major disappointment but temps did drop dramatically…highs on Saturday were in the ‘60S!   Very refreshing.  So far Carson National Forest is still open for hiking.  And little rio chiquito continues to gurgle along.   

Hopefully, by your arrival monsoons will have started, which typically would mean cool (‘60s)  sunny mornings, warm afternoons (‘80s) cooling off late in the day with a shower, skies clearing again by dark, nights down in the ‘50s.

Here’s a small peek into preparation going into your retreat week:   

We are working hard to make all lodging, Glamping and in the Casa, cozier than ever. Inviting spaces in nature are being created for relaxation with your colleagues or serene solitude, with a book or in meditation.

As balm for your spirit, your personal yoga instructor, Roxanne, is designing a special session to start your week,  gentle and renewing stretches while listening to birdsong next to the river Tuesday morning.  

As sustenance for the body, culinary whizz, Jean, is mulling over her recipe archives in search of perfectly delicious healthy meals using local produce.

To stimulate thoughtful discussions, Joe, long-time environmental activist with AmigosBravos, plans to enlighten us about water sources in our valley and re water resources in the Southwest.

AND more!

All of us look forward to the chance to get to know you.  If you have time and inclination, please consider sharing the following info:

1.  What led you to be a teacher and how long have you taught?

2.  If you could wave the proverbial wand, what would you love to see happen in your career and environmental literacy?  No judgement here, just dreaming.

3.  What are your personal hopes regarding your time invested in this ecoRetreat?

As mentioned before, your participation and input will inform the future of the EduKudos concept…thanking and honoring teachers for teaching.

Can’t wait to see you, please don’t hesitate to call with any questions.

Happy Summer!

Blair and crew"